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Complete Venetian Plaster and Istinto Kit 12 tools

For the serious professional! This complete Kit is a combination of the Pavan Venetian Plaster Kit and the Giorgio Graesan Istinto Kit. Includes 12 Italian made tools from Pavan & Giorgio Graesan plus catalogues:

  • 3 Trowel Gli ori di Venezia: 280mm. 240mm. 200mm.
  • 3 Pavan Scraper: 100mm. 80mm. 40mm.
  • Pavan isosceles scraper 100mm.
  • Pavan bucket trowel 100mm.
  • Pavan external corner trowel 80×25
  • Istinto notched trowel 280mm.
  • Istinto split stone stamp
  • Istinto bamboo trowel
  • 6 Catalogue


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