About Us

Advanced Spirito Libero

Advanced Spirito Libero are not your typical tradesmen.

We are a team of specialists that deliver superior workmanship, professionalism and exceptional results. We recognise that texture, colour and finish must work together to achieve the best outcome for any ambience or aesthetic.

Years 30

With 30 years’ experience in Venetian polished plaster, finishes and application, Advanced Spirito Libero can be relied upon for exquisite workmanship.

Advanced Spirito Libero imagine and create architectural finishes including Stone, Marble, Concrete and Metal finishes, as well as the more commonly known Venetian plaster.

We are proud to provide the highest quality Venetian plaster in the world supported by the international market of Giorgio Graesan, guaranteeing that all our handiwork is completed using genuine Italian products.



Our meticulous approach, premium design, state-of-the-art techniques, up-to-date knowledge and use of high quality materials assure you of a finished product that will delight, endure and add value to your home or commercial building.

We also lend our expertise to provide advice regarding home décor and design, ensuring you choose the plastering that best suits the aesthetic of your space.

Our high-quality design and use of ecological materials bring both luxury and respect for the environment to your home.

In addition to our application services, we provide an extensive range of Venetian plaster for sale at our showroom and store, as well as Venetian plaster courses for those with artistic potential they wish to explore.

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