Tint for Oro

Oro Colour Chart:

It comes in 42 colour with 168 shades as for catalogue.Please refer to the product 'colour chart to find out the ratio for each shade.

How much tint to BUY to make your colour?

Available in 2 sizes
Here is the formula to calculate the amount you need:

On the right you chose the strength (1/2/3) and at the top the name of the colour (NA/NB/NS ecc,ecc.) to the left the name of the selection (I colori dI New York .etc.)

  • The shade 1 (Full Strength) takes 150.0ml/L
  • The shade 2 (3/4 Strength) takes 50.0ml/L
  • The shade 3 (Half Strength) takes 12.4ml/L

If you want to tint a bucket of 2.5L in the colour GC 1 you need to buy the big container of 750ml.(2.5L x 150.0ml/L= 375 ml.)

If you are interested in our printed catalogue please buy it here $8


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