Tint for Gioia

Gioia Colour Chart

How much tint to BUY to make your colour?

Available in 2 sizes
Here is the formula to calculate the amount you need:

On the right you chose the strength (1/2/3/4) and at the top the name of the colour(NA/NB/NS etc.) to the left the name of the collection (I colori di New York etc.)

  • The shade 1 (Full Strength) takes 150.0ml/L
  • The shade 2 (3/4 Strength) takes 50ml/L
  • The shade 3 (Half Strength) takes 12.4ml/L
  • The shade 4 (1/4 Strength) takes 4ml/L

If you want to tint a bucket of 2.5L in the colour GC 2 you need to buy 2 small container of 62ml.(2.5L x 50ml/L= 100 ml.)

If you are interested in our printed catalogue please buy it here $8


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